Monday, June 18, 2007

Fused Glass Workshops

Want to learn more about kiln formed glass? Join me for a workshop at Wired Designs Studio and learn the fundamental techniques required for fused glass. We will discuss glass compatibility, firing schedules, cold work, and much more. As students, you will complete two projects (i.e. a dichroic glass pendent and a tack fused piece of glass art).

If after that you still want more, and I bet you will, come back for Essentials II. This workshop focuses on design, embellishment, and artistic expression using glass as your canvas. You will get the chance to work with various types of materials including glass powders, ground micas, metal inclusions, frit, stringer, and shards.

Class dates for Essentials I-Fusing include June 23 and July 8. Essentials II-Design is offered June 24. Contact Wired Designs Studio directly at 210-495-4495 to check availability. You can also visit their website for a complete list of classes offered.

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