Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby Kaitlyn Nicole

Welcoming baby Kaitlyn Nicole and
wishing her & her mother the best of health.



Bringing a baby home is such a happy time. Kaitlyn's mom has worked hard to prepare their home and make it a special place for their new baby girl. Having found just the right bedding (left), I was asked to make a plate (right) to would sit on top of a dresser, far from babies little hands. Art glass in a babies room? The idea was to bring in a unique piece Kaitlyn could hold onto later in life that would hold memories of the nursery she once had. The piece I created was not intended to mimic the traditional patters of the nursery set but rather be inspired by them. So I pulled colors like the petal pink and vanilla from the gingham, and design elements like the vine to make a contemporary piece. When in the room with the other patterns, colors and fabrics the piece fits. At the same time, it stands alone and I can easily envision it being something Kaitlyn might take with her as a young adult when she moves into her first apartment.


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Unichorn said...

I love the plate, I definitely think she'll take it anywhere later in life (and wants more of them ;)...)

Btw: yea, my mother can be a fun lady. And she's still alive... !