Tuesday, September 29, 2009


photo of a brick wall taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania July 2009
As my brother leaves for yet another tour in Iraq, I consider all the of the time, money and many impacts cause by these struggles. Would it not be so much easier if we could all direct this energy, in actions small and large, toward the purpose of peace. It could not possibly be any more difficult to love, respect or at least tolerate, then it is to hate. And if we all were to view the world from this perspective, could we not find resolutions to avoid violence. For if violence is what got us here, it can not possibly be the sole solution. Peace is not just the result. It is the way of life for each of us to embrace daily. Let peace be your inspiration, not just Thursday but everyday.


scott1959 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother as he goes to Iraq. I have known too many people effected by war, it is time for us to stop looking at violence as the solution, time for us to stop letting our youngest men bear the burden of our foolishness.

April said...

Thank you for an inspiring image and powerful words. Peace be with you and your brother and all of us.

thepope2the9s said...

peace 2 u sweet Nicole.
I understand exactly what U
R saying. Unfortunately, I feel the only true peace is within oneself. There are moments of peace in the world, but they are just that, moments. Peace 2 U and may your brother make it home safely.