Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Printing on Glass

On a last minute visits to the Bullseye Glass Resource Center in Portland Oregon, before returning home from BECON in June of 2009, I picked up a book by Kevin Petrie. I was facing the long plane ride home and had already exhausted my reading material. I needed something to entertain and this Glass And Print handbook looked fascinating. An absolutely fabulous resource it is both a wealth of information and a truly enjoyable read. The book includes case studies and historical information in equal balance to the discussion of printing techniques used on glass. This was the perfect book to pass the time on my flight home and one I would be able to pull back off the shelf for information later. 
And pull it back off the shelf I did, right after a three day workshop with Susan Taylor Glasgow at Wired Designs Studio. During the workshop we learned to apply images and text onto glass using screen printing and photo realistic sandblasting techniques. With my eyes wide open I reached back to this book with a whole new perspective. It was even better the second and third time around. As I consider how I will incorporate these techniques into my work, I know that along with my detailed notes from class the Glass And Print Glass Handbook will be a valuable tool.
photos taken with my little Nikon CoolPix during the 
three day workshop with Susan Taylor Glasgow

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