Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gone to Seed

Gone to Seed - 21' kilnformed and flameworked soda lime glass bowl

Driving the 68miles through the Texas Hill Country each month on my way to Artisans of Rocky Hill has given me a much deeper appreciation of the changes that come with each season deep in the heart of Texas. How quickly we went from bright colorful carpets of spring wildflowers to more rich golden hues. As the temperatures rise the blues and purples of  Bluebonnets and Verbena give way to reds, yellow and oranges bringing Mexican Hat, Black-eyed Susan and Firewheel. As the flowers go to seed the grasses rise crisp and golden in the sun. My drives to Fredricksburg are little escapes. I return home with the pictures of the every changing Hill Country landscape in my mind. I can't help it if every now and again a little seeps back out into my work.


Drita said...

I really love the brass etched bracelet. it's unique and beautiful.

Brianne said...

This bowl is exquisite; i love the beautiful colors and textures that you've combined in its creation.