Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting Ready for a Visit to Artisans

I have been working on more peices in the cross fire series to take to Artisans this Saturday. I had done a couple of kiln loads of  plates but wanted to do something with just a little more presence, so I started work on this 20" bowl. Here it is just before its' first firing. It was cold worked last night and went back into the kiln to take shape.

I look forward to taking these peices up to Artisans this Saturday. As we approach the two year anniversary of the Bastrop fires, my heart continues to go out to hose impacted by that tragedy. Working on these peices I recall that September in 2011 when fires dotted across the Bastrop County. I am reminded of the impacts of severe drought, and am grateful for the little bit of rain that fell yesterday.

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