Wednesday, June 11, 2014

She's Got Issues - Show Opening

As honored as I am to have been invited to participate in this show, I was a little nervous to drop-off my pieces. I had worked on them on and off for sometime and to be honest don't think I believed they would ever actually be finished.  The shows curator, Gail Stouffer, may have been wondering the same thing herself since, as is my nature, I procrastinated till the last minute to turn them in. These are not the typical jewelry or plates I leave with galleries to sell. These are pieces where I have something personal to say. There a part of my story, a representation of my own journey. And there lies the seed of my angst. Are they good enough? Will they be well received? Did I pack them well enough so they will be safe? But I still could have done more... These are thoughts that run through my head. I guess those are my own personal issues.
If you get a chance, please join me and the other artists for the show opening on Friday, June 13 between 6-10pm at High Wire Arts. The show will run from June 13 through the 20th. If you don't make it out you can see all the pieces in the show catalog.
Hope 2010
Soda Lime, Float and Recycled Glass


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