Monday, May 25, 2015

a little time at the torch

I am still working through that batch of Czech glass I was given  last summer. I spent a few hours this holiday weekend over at Dream Fire Glass studio making donuts and discs. It may sound boring but it certainly was not. The crazy weather we have had here lately comes with unpredictably electrical. We lost power twice today while working. The first time came just as Sam was contemplating what we might do if a power outage were to occur. Good thing she was thinking about it. When it happened we were able to act to keep the kiln temperature from dropping too fast. Every piece of fiber blanket on the table went in the kiln and around the kiln.  My beads were all small and would survive fine in a fiber blanket but I'm hoping it was enough to save the four BIG beads Sam had put in the kiln this afternoon. After the second such event we packed up our bags and called it a day. It was enough excitement for one afternoon.  

P.S. It's kinda weird when the room goes completely pitch black with just the torches on and something half made in the flame.


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