Monday, July 23, 2007

Bullseye Education Conference (BECon)

I have just spent the last four days in Portland, Oregon at BECon an education conference focusing on the exploration of kiln-glass in the built environment. This was an opportunity to learn from work which has been done, discuss information, ask questions and meet others. Over 250 participants from 20 different countries attended the conference.

I was inspired by the opportunity to see the work of artists in the Bullseye Gallery, pieces I had only admired until now in books. It was an amazing experience to hear artists like Narcissus Quagliata talk about the immense projects they have undertaken and give me advice on finding one's creative voice. Also meeting other artist and hearing the path they have taken in their carriers helps me feel my own goals are attainable.

Exposure to the Bullseye factory and Resource Center helped solidify my understanding of the materials I use. It gave me the opportunity to see first hand the process I described to students. Formal panel presentations as well as casual conversations with some of the Bullseye Technicians (thanks Erik) helped me see and understand glass on a larger scale.

Just Plan Fun
My stress levels always drop the moment a plan lifts off the ground. And what could be better then spending 3-4 days seeing the lovely city of Portland with good friends enjoying; meals, small adventures, deep and not so deep discussions. Ya... I'd call that fun.

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