Monday, August 6, 2007

My time in Washington

After flying all the way to Portland, Oregon for BECon, I could not pass up the opportunity to relax and spend some time with family. I rented a car and drove up Interstate 5 to Washington. Although only there two days, it was just long enough to enjoy the 70-degree weather while hiking with my three year old niece among the tall pines. I enjoyed the peace that comes by replacing the almost constant chatter in my head with the sounds of running water. and was able to look past the curly locks into this little one's eyes and see my bother.

While in Washington, I also enjoyed the privileges of; sleeping, reading to my niece, walking the docks in Olympia, stopping briefly at the Mount St. Helens visitor center and driving over countless metal bridges.


One of the spots my neice and I stopped while enjoying our walk.


Sand Man is a wonderful 1910 vintage tugboat docked at Percival Landing in downtown Olymipa, Washington.


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Roxanne said...

Boy- does 70-degree weather sound great right now!! It's high 90s here in New Jersey! Your glassware is sooo beautiful (and so is your niece)
Thanks for leaving me my very first comment on my brand new blog.
from- Roxanne