Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Own Personal Paradox

This week’s creative prompt on Inspire Me Thursday has been a real challenge for me. I thought about it for days and got absolutely nowhere. I was stumped until I realized the answer was surrounding me, because I am presently a living paradox. On one hand I am overwhelmed by life’s activities; a promotion with increased responsibilities at work, assisting my husband in his adventure to open a new business, the demands that come with trying to take my craft to the next level, participation in local organizations, teaching and throughout this my selfish attempts to maintain some type of social life. I have always been one to appreciate a little down time once in a while, but for the last half of this year there has been none, absolutely none. Nor do I foresee things letting up any time soon. I was certain that by now with all the stress I would be ready of a good healthy nervous breakdown. Rather I find myself very peaceful. I’m busy, but relaxed. Checklists run through my head at rapid rates of speed, but my chest breaths easy. The contradiction manifested itself for me visually this week as I finished cold working (well mostly finished) the piece I began in Kerry Transtrum’s workshop in early October. The piece captured me in a state of peace, that moment of cool darkness where I could hear my own breath deep and steady. When I look at the piece I know that calm peaceful state is still inside me. Regardless of the ciaos, I can still fell this way on the inside. I need only to close my eyes to reconnect.


sevnetus said...

Sounds like you are doing just fine. You are lucky to be juggling these interests, and doing a good job of it. The picture is good and scary.

sperlygirl said...

i completely understand :) it's so funny how we block out that silence (that helps us create) with the business of life. always a balancing act. beautiful thoughts and work

laurel said...

I understand about juggling interests. I haven't read much of your blog yet but I really enjoyed looking at your glasswork.
Thanks for sharing!

Paula Scott said...

Wow. Very, very powerful peice with a wonderful life lesson embedded in it.

Deb G said...

That is such an intriguing piece....Peace in chaos is a gift!

Cheryl Finley: said...

Hi Nicole,
Wow! What a beautifully communicated paradox. I too am learning to dance with most of the things you mention (most people are)...and then the beauty that the paradox reveals: the gift of peace..oh my gosh! You have the keys to the kingdom already that come with surrendering attachment to outcome: Peace that surpasses understanding.

I read a quote last night that referenced this very idea. What a present this is, like the pearl from the oyster, and the eye in the storm; I think we all seek that. I was reunited with mine during a leaking ceiling episode last weekend - all is peaceful inside of me now.

And your artwork is incredible. I see the face of tranquility molded from hard glass, what a magnificient paradox your work and your life represents.

Keep shinin' girl!

tangled stitch said...

Your work is extraordinary. It sounds like you have a lot on your plate but don't cut back on your art, it will keep you sane in these crazy holiday days! And make sure you take good care of yourself because if you don't you'll get sick and you'll be forced to! Happy holidays and the piece(or peace) is really beautiful!