Friday, May 30, 2008

Visit to the Tacoma Museum of Glass

As I mentioned on May 15th I recently was on the West Coast. When I’m in this part of the country there are several things I typically make it a point to do. 1 - Visit family and friends of course. 2 - Eat great sea food. Short of shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, no pun intended, Texas is not exactly known for fresh sea food. Not that it's bad but it doesn’t compare to what you can find on the coast. And 3 - visit the Tacoma Museum of Glass.

This time my trip was coincidentally timed to place me in the area at the same time as a retrospective exhibit of Lino Tagliapietra’s work. I knew I would have to see it. Whether you are a glass enthusiast or not this exhibit will sweep you off your feet. The work is amazing. Although I was only there a short time I already had the beginnings of a slight headache brought on by over stimulation by the time I left. The last time I felt this way, at a museum, was at the Muse D’Orsay in Paris when I saw the works of impressionist painters I had only been familiar with from books/prints. Awe and amazement probably best capture my respose. Showing at the same time is the exhibit Form/Color/Pattern the work of Dante Marioni. Brilliant and bold this was a wonderful companion.

If you have the opportunity to go before the end of August I highly recommend it. Hell, if I could I’d go back. Since I can’t I made sure to pick up this resource so I could revisit/relive/remember my experience later in the comfort of my home.


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