Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pollock Inspired Series


It was back in October that an Inspire Me Thursday challenge encouraged me to begin exploring with this style of painting on glass. It was intended to be an exercise to help me relax into the work, to stop thinking and start reacting.

Since then I have returned to this process on several occasions including the development of this three piece set for the San Antonio Calligrapher’s Guild Spring Exhibit. That's right… calligraphers. That means text and letter forms. It was obvious to me this style paid homage in its own way to Pollock. So it seemed only appropriate to use his words.
It's all a big game of construction
some with a brush - some with a shovel
some choose a pen

– Jackson Pollock
This quote seemed appropriate for the piece and with its' reference to the pen a choice fitting for this venue full of calligraphic work. The text was applied in the same way the rest of the design was, using glass paints/enamels on the surface of and in the glass. The pieces hang from right to left with the pattern continuous throughout.

I'm still working on several more pieces in this vain. The more I do, the bolder I get. With the next set I have begun to add texture drilling into the glass and adding elements to the surface of the glass. More to come...

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