Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kilnformed Glass Workshops

After several weeks of being off my feet and out of the studio I was thrilled to be back at Wired Designs Studio teaching Glass Fusing I and II this past weekend. So much so it made me think ahead to some of the other workshops I will be facilitating or participating in over the reminder of this year.

Just around the corner, the weekend of September 6-7, is Open-Mold Glass Casting — SCULPTURE IN 3-D. This is your chance to spend two intensive days learning to utilize a simple, versatile and quick method of glass casting. We’ll sculpt objects in clay, create refractory molds, and cut and cast glass billets. This class includes a take home vermiculite box mold so you can continue casting. No previous experience in glass is necessary.

This class can get down and dirty. We work with clay, plaster silica, hydroperm and other mold making material to create molds of our own design or make molds of existing three dimensional objects. We then melt glass billets into/over these molds to make impressions into blocks of glass two to three inches thick.

A new workshop I will be facilitating Sunday, November 2nd at Wired Designs Studio is Kiln Carving. If I told you you could carve in glass without a chisel or other tools, would you believe me? In this workshop we will using gravity to do the kiln forming for us. We will design and create bas relief images to transfer into iridized glass giving the glass a sculpted look. This is a wonderful technique to add dimension and pattern with only minimal glass cutting. Use the smooth clean surface on top and look through to the pattern within the glass. Or turn it over and not only see but feel the shapes and textures.

I love teaching these workshops and often learn just as much from my students. Participants often include artists looking to explore a new medium, stain glass artists who want to take their work in a different direction, people looking for an escape their usual workdays and others just out to have a good time. You can see a full schedule of these and other workshops offered at the Wired Designs Studio website.

Just as much as teaching these workshops I enjoy taking workshops from other instructors. I can't wait for the workshops I will be taking from Melissa Monti to learn more about murrini cane and Roger Thomas who focuses on design for contemporary landscapes in fused glass.

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