Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Full Moon

Last Thursday as I drove  home from work, I became hypnotized by the magnificent full moon which loomed large in the evening sky. It commanded your attention and dwarfed everything else on the horizon. Driving down the highway  in the middle of rush hour traffic, I found myself in awe of nature.
Later that evening, I was loading the kilns and there was a small corner of the shelf still empty. I hate running the kilns if they are not full. It's like running the washing machine for just one outfit when you could have put in a whole load, also a pet peeve of mine. It just seems like a waist. So with the moon still large in my mind, I gave myself a few minutes and a little bit of glass to just play. It was good to do something not because it might sell or as a demo for a class but just for fun. A couple days later my seven year old niece and I were riding in the car when she pointed at the moon as said "look aunt Nicole it's just like your moon".  That brought it all full circle and made it all worth while.

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Amanda said...

Very neat story... and what a beautiful piece!