Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weekend Workshop

This past weekend I enjoyed leading a group through their first fused glass plate making experiences in  at Wired Designs Studio. Several of the students had already been exposed to creating components perfect to include in custom plates and platters in October's Liquid Glass workshop.  With this in mind, I demonstrated the special considerations that should be taken when including these custom design elements by using a progressive pattern bar from an August workshop to make a large platter.
Above, my demo from class still in the kiln after the first firing.
In additional to learning how to create and fire their glass tiles, everyone received hands on experience in coldworking. Using a lapidary wheel they ground and beveled the edges and then sandblasted the surface to ensure a clean finish. The well crafted tiles where then slumped into their final forms. Below are every one's pieces coldworked and ready for their final kiln firing.

Everyone did such a great job! I can't wait to see how they all turn out and what they do next.

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FabricFascination said...

I love glass and watching it being worked. These look great.