Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not Exactly Deja Vu

 I took this shoot a few weeks back while visiting the Japaneses Tea Garden.  I was staring though my view finder when I had a sudden feeling of familiarity. Only it was exactly deja vu. It was more like deja "you". It wasn't like I had been here before or done this before. It was a thought of someone. I as still very much in  a new experience while at the same time, for brief moment, I heard a distinctly recognizable voice.  I smiled, cause I had heard it all before. I'm sure there is a more appropriate physiological term for this type of memory. But deja "you" works too don't you think?


Ivana Watkins said...

Amazing! I've experienced things like that too, and deja you never crossed my mind lol. Awesome definition, I'd say :).

Have a wonderful day,

~Ivana from Avid Team~

Wendi Weisenburger Brandon said...

I like it!