Monday, September 24, 2012


With fall just around the corner, I posted  a variety of scarves in my Etsy store this weekend. Wishful thinking for cooler weather. It can't come soon enough for me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Glass Weave

Kilnformed Soda Lime Glass Bowl 19.5"

As a follow up to the quilted bowl I took to Artisans of Rocky Hill in June, in September I brought this transparent bowl in red, orange, yellow and amber. The warm quilted feel is accentuated by the glass weave which stretches down one side of the bowl. In addition, I brought a slew of matching ring dishes and small sushi plates which lined the entry table to artisans when I left. It was a beautify glow of color in the afternoon sunlight.

on display at Artisans of Rocky Hill

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Time Flys

So much happened this summer that I didn't feel I had time to breath let alone post. I spent all my energy trying to keep up day to day but I never meant to let it go this far. Now I'm going to try to catch you up with the hope to pick back up where I left off. So here is my summer in summary:

 The first weekend in June I took a workshop from the Book Art Babes and learned a binding originally developed by Gary Frost. This was a clean, simple book made fun with the colorful hand painted pages. 

There where bits of torch time here and there to practice making simple beads and twisted cane for a quilted kiln formed bowl I was working on.

On Sunday, June 10th David and I were very pleasantly surprised with a fabulous review of the restaurant in the San Antonio Express News. This changed everything we did for the next few weeks as our volumes went through the roof and we did everything to just keep up.

June 16th I made my monthly drive to Fredricksburg, Texas to spend time at Artisans of Rocky Hill and take new work. This month it was the 20" bowl above and a series of smaller accompanying pieces. The bowl is bright, bold,  trimmed with the twisted can I had made earlier that month.

I taught workshops at Wired Designs Studio including plate making and powder techniques. The above picture is of student pieces getting read for their second firing to be slumped into plates.

With all the excitement at home, I was pleased when it was time for a long awaited family vacation to Chicago to rest, relax and recharge. We saw a couple of ball games, walked the city streets and enjoyed wonderful dinners. The trip was not without it's own excitement including canceled flights, heat waves and directional mishaps... but that's just part of the adventure. 

 Back from Chicago there wasn't much time left before the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) annual Gathering. I was helping a friend who made these fabulous sculptural faces from borosilicate glass to trade at the Gathering. I coldworked the surfaces to remove the typical shiny surface leaving a more mat finish to invoke a stone like image.

Arriving in Seattle for the ISGB Gathering was a pleasant change of scene; cooler climate, green trees, water and mountain vistas. So much happened on this trip I don't know where to begin. There were late nights with good friends, scenic drives, a visit to Bullseye glass,  farmers markets, henna, hikes, gallery tours, workshops,  conference lectures, the Bead Bazaar, local art fairs, and so much  more. I learned a few things and picked up some inspiration.  Sam from Dream Fire Glass did such a great job posting our journey you'd best take a peek at her posts.

Things didn't slow down in August. I have worked with the San Antonio Glass Art Guild (SAGAG) to plan our programs and events like ART281. I taught and took a few workshops at Wired Designs Studio. I'm working on new projects and getting ready for fall shows. Going forward try to do a better job of posting on a more regular basis.