Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Birds Eye

New York City pigeon shot with a Canon EOS Rebel T2, altered in Adobe Photoshop
The picture above was taken on top of the Empire State Building. If I were any other tourist I would have been focused on pictures of the panorama. Not to say I didn't get a few, but what caught my attention was this pigeon. He was just watching me. At about the same time, back home I had been sharing my work space with a pair of Carolina Wrens. They had nested in my garage and before I discovered them laid eggs. I didn't have the heart to evict them in their condition. The female would sit on the nest all day undisturbed by me or the often loud noises of my work. I would have the radio on, saws and grinders going and there were frequent sounds of breaking glass. She would sit there with her eyes constantly on me. She didn't appear nervous or threatened, just ever aware. I felt a kinship with her, we talked some but mostly just watched each other. Many people enjoy watching birds and looking them up in books to identify them. But the way they look back I wonder if they aren't studying us. Was this pigeon thinking, this particular type of Latina female is indigenous to the central region of Texas and does not normally migrate this far north. Did he note my coloring or the food I ate in comparison to others? Are we watching them, or are they watching us intently with those eyes?


Since originally posting this item, I came across this picture taken of me on top of the Empire State Building only moments before spotting that bird.


katy said...

I really like your photo and the story that goes with it. Katy

kimberley said...

Great capture! These kinds of moments demand to be put on film. Good work.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

What a beautiful photo! I love the story behind it.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!

Spontanity said...

Love this picture.
Greetz from Holland

m. heart said...

what a great story and image!

Anna said...

He does seem to be checking you out doesn't he/she?! Thankyou for your lovely comments on my post. I enjoyed seeing your blog.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

what a fun photo. like a little guardian angel checking in on you