Thursday, May 21, 2009

Spend a Bit Time with Nature

Kilnformed Soda Lime Glass
Close up of a bowl 19" in diameter
Changing leaves typically conjure thoughts of Fall. However, here in South Texas the Live and Red Oak trees loose there leaves in early Spring, making way for new foliage which they will hold through the following winter. There golden shades lend themselves to the landscape of drought influenced grasses which sprout in the rich soil left by the previous years leaves in the crevasses of limestone which is the Texas Hill Country. I collected these leaves on a cool evening walk in early March.
With my thoughts on nature, I turn to a book I have read several times in the last four months Nature's Chaos. The photographs taken by Eliot Porter are absolutely amazing and alone are worth every penny I paid for the book and more. Paired with an almost melodic text written by James Gleick, whose words seem to frame the photographs, the book becomes an experience. Take it outside and read it under the branches of your favorite tree.
Tree stump photographed while on a walk in the woods. The spot I plan to seat myself the next time I want to read Nature's Chaos.


Kyle Dutton said...

Simply gorgeous. Great job!

Anna Lloyd said...

the leaves are beautiful!