Friday, April 16, 2010

From Greens to Grays

Kiln Formed and Cold Worked Soda Lime Glass
6.25"  square .5" thick
A green hue seems to illuminate through the piece past shades gray and white. It was after reading an article on glacial ice that I started work on this piece. Although I doubt it bears any true resemblance to glacial ice, it is what I imaged in my minds eye when reading the article. Glacial ice contains rock flour, tiny bits of rock , clay and minerals, in suspension from the grinding action of the glacier against the mountain sides. These particles refract the blue and green spectrum of the sun's light. Layers of sediment reside trapped between frozen layers of water and air. It strikes me just a bit ironic that I melted glass to create this piece while at the same time glaciers around the world are melting at astonishing rates. Their illuminant blues and greens melting into milky grays of glacial rivers.

Why is a South Central Texas girl interested in glacial ice, well that goes way back...

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Carolyn Ford said...

What a beautiful plate for sushi! What an amazing craft...