Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Reporting Back from Glass Craft Expo

Having just returned from Glass Craft & Bead Expo, I thought I would share a couple of teed bits from this years trip. Once again I enjoyed traveling with the lovely ladies from Wired Designs Studio to teach workshops at this annual event. This year's classes included:
  • Gail Stouffer's informative workshop Color Reactions where students learned how glass chemically reacts during the fusing process to create fantastic effects.
  • A two day version of my favorite Power of Powders where students learn to create imagery, depth, and drama by incorporating powder wafers, crackled powder techniques, and layered imagery. This specialty class shows the many options made available through the use of glass powders. 
Kilns in the classroom where provided by Jen-Ken Kilns and included one of the new Bonnie Glo models. This 15" all fiber kiln turned out to be rather impressive. With race car like efficiency we were able to fire fast and furious. This allowed us to turn the kilns around quickly, perfect for powder wafers and other small work. For larger work the kiln schedule was programed appropriately for the piece, taking only the necessary amount of time. Time normally taken up heating and cooling kiln bricks was not at issue with this all fiber kiln. The quick turn around also contributes to lower electrical costs good for both the pocket book and the environment. Tempting... very tempting indeed. Now my only advise would be to pay a little extra for a twelve key controller. Those three key controllers try my patience.
While on the showroom floor I:

  • visited with representatives from Bullseye Glass and saw their new line of stringer. I'm sure I will be taking some of these lovely colors to my little butane torch very soon.
  • looked into obtaining supplies to start working on projects inspired by the printing techniques learned last February in Susan Taylor Glasgow's workshop.
  • had the brief opportunity to visit with artist Kerri Fuhr. Kerri will be in San Antonio, Texas as a visiting instructor at Wired Designs Studio in November of this year. After seeing her work on display at Glass Craft Expo you can be sure I will be saving my pennies between now and November so I can pick up some of her absolutely fabulous glass beads.  Wow, I was impressed.
 Another exciting year at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo. -

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