Friday, September 9, 2011

McAllen Adventure

Mosic Cube by McAllen Stained Glass
Hackberry & Main in McAllen, Texas
This Labor Day weekend I headed down to the valley with Nina "Sam" Hibler from Dream Fire Glass.  Sam was teaching glass bead making I and II  at McAllen Stained Glass. Although I may not be skilled at making glass beads in the torch, I was not without my contributions. Drawing on my skills as shop girl, studio tech and kilnformed glass instructor I was able to lend a hand having a good time along the way. The McAllen Stained Glass studio and gallery is located in a lovely Art Village. Galleries stayed open late with music and dance in the courtyards for McAllen's First Friday Art Walk . As visiting Artist Sam's work, including an entire herd of glass pinata donkeys, where on display.

Bead making I and II workshops on Saturday and Sunday included a fabulous group a folks.  I love to see how people respond to their first experiences with glass in the flame. Some people are immediately drawn in. Others take a more cautious approach. By the end of day I think everyone was hooked.
Marilyn watches the color of spring green glass change from orange to deep red as she learns to judge heat control while making  one of her first glass beads. Constantly turning the mandrel the glass naturally forms a do-nut shape. 
Liz took to the flame almost instantly. It may not be long before we see flameworked glass beads incorporated into the wonderful work she is doing at Hecho Por Liz. By day two she was looking right at home behind that hot head torch making beautiful pink hearts.
Sam demoing a new technique during glass bead making II.
Dedicated day one and two survivors. These guys are hooked.
To pass time on the drive between McAllen and San Antonio I read from The Secret Lives of Men and Women a  Post Secret project compilation. Although it certainly entertained, I was left feeling as if I had  snooped through someones drawers. Shocking... I'd vacillate between "really  someone actually did that... people make these up right" and every now and again "I know". I remember stumbling onto the Post Secret site years ago and seeing a postcard that could have easily been written by me. I printed it and for several years it sat next to my compute screen, a reminder I was not the only one who felt that way. The copy of this book came to me from a surprising source. I'll just same thank you and leave it at that.

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Amanda said...

I took an intro to glass beadmaking class when I lived in Indy a couple years ago and LOVED it. Then we moved to TX shortly after and I haven't yet found a good place to go to keep learning. Thanks for reminding me of how awesome it is!