Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Weekend Well Spent

Last weekend we were casting at Wired Designs Studio. Here is a student applying a thin splash coat to pick up as much detail as possible before hand building a plaster mold around their wax form. This was not a workshop for anyone concerned about looking cool. By the end of day two we were dawning respirators, dusting plaster off ourselves and trying to wash the wax out from under our nails. Now that's my idea of fun!
After the molds set the wax was steamed out. In the past I have used a series of cheap pots and metal mesh. This go around I invested $25 in a 24 gallon tamale warmer at a local grocery store. Best 25 bucks I ever spent. Not exactly how my  mother would have used this tool but it worked like a dream.
While waiting for the molds to steam out I did a little cold working. This piece of glass is being ground on a lapidary wheel. This is one of several steps, including sandblasting and lathe carving, I take to make a functional piece (e.g. bowl or plate) that feels fabulous to touch.

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