Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

When it comes to flameworking you can't just understand it conceptually you have to be able to execute it physically. I find this terrible frustrating. What! You mean you can't just sit down at the piano and play Chopin! Having made a somewhat focused effort with my time on Firey Fridays, I think I have finally gotten the twisted cane thing down sufficiently to move on. So Sunday I spent time taking a murrini workshop at Dream Fire Glass. I had made simple murrini before but was very pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference this full day of focused instruction made. I think I might actually be getting this heat control thing down. I don't want to get ahead of myself though. Practice, Practice, Practice... already contemplating murrini making with my time next Fiery Friday. Little by little my hands will learn what my head knows. 


weird amiga said...

Wonderful as it is to learn new things (techniques), it's also particularly frustrating: it sends us back to the clueless state of a child learning to write, or trying to grasp a crayon with fingers that simply don't know how to perform...

At the same time, reliving that state (departure from zero, then improvement) makes us feel alive and ever-growing, doesn't it? :)

Good luck in your flame-working endeavors!

Nicole V Lozano said...

that is exactly right... thanks for the support