Wednesday, January 4, 2012

From Goldilocks to Dreadlocks

I have this habit of buying yarn I like with absolutely no plan at all just because I like it. Later I find myself trying to figure out what to do with a specific amount of something I will never be able to match again. Like the wool I bought from the Sudan Farm. Crazy I know... This time when I pulled out a collection of pink, yellow and blue wool which I had bought on one of those whims, I decided to do something just as fun and crazy with it as my idea to buy this yarn had been in the first place.  

I started by crocheting as many thin spirals (approximately 1 inch wide) in a variety of lengths as my supply allowed. This gave me a pile of Shirley Temple like ringlets. Cute as can be.

Only I wasn't exactly going for cute. So  now what? Being wool it seemed only natural to felt them. This stretched out those tight ringlets into a more wabi sabi organic forms giving me something more like dreadlocks then Goldilocks. Much better...

But I still wasn't really sure what I thought of this idea.  So I wore it. No better test then the court of public opinion. I expected to get a comment or two but the consensus was overwhelming. It got complements at work and at the studio. That was expected. These were people who know I crochet and expect this kind of thing from me. It was the complete strangers who stopped me while about my everyday business which convinced me that I might be on to something here.

Having worn them I can say from a usability perspective that they are mostly just fashionably fun. They create a nice warmth across the back of your neck, after all they are wool, but I won't wear them with the specific goal for fighting the bitter cold. There are better scarves for that purpose. Also if I make something like this for anyone other then myself I'll need to attach them together somewhere in the back to help keep them together all the time. Won't want one to get lost now would we.

Since this is still relatively a new and developing idea, I'd love to know what you think too. Thumbs up... thumbs down... What do you think?


Gail Stouffer said...

Total thumbs up! These look great on you and I think they are so cool! These would look good in neutral tones like tan, cream, ivory, browns, etc. That way I could wear them with everything! You are awesome! Is there anything you can't do?

Linda Makiej said...

whta a terrific idea and a great look!

Nina "Sam" Hibler said...

Thumbs Up
I love them!
Attaching a few together in the back is a great idea. You would hate to loose one.
Keep making them!