Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remembering one Stich at a Time

Felted Crochet Wool Scarf
The other night I decided to organize the plethora of yarn collecting in a closet. As I pulled everything out one lone ball rolled across the room. It was a ball of crayon colored virgin wool I picked up back in 2009 while in Portland for the Bullseye Education Conference BECON on casting. Strolling one morning through a farmers market I found, a small ball of wool from one of SuDan Farm's coopworth sheep named Orkney. It was practically calling me then (buy me, buy me) and now (isn't it time you do something with me?). So I did, both times. With a J hook and just 3.5 oz I quickly crocheted this spiral scarf which I then felted. With each double crochet I was reminded of that trip and now I'll get to wear my memories to keep me warm. Well, maybe not now since it's like 103 degrees outside but soon I hope.
Farmers Market - Portland, Oregon


Gretchen said...

What a gorgeous scarf! I keep meaning to learn to crochet or knit... it really is amazing what you can do with that knowledge! =)

Nina "Sam" Hibler said...

The scarf is beautiful! The Farmers Market in Portland is awesome not only the wonderful fresh food and produce but visually too.I'm hoping to make it to BE Con in 2013.