Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Under the Influence

Influenced by my recent read of a book on type design and a desire to see beauty in this drought this is what I ended up with for my Sweet Shot Tuesday. I'm wondering if I have source material for something here with the combination of metal, texture, and earth tones. Maybe, maybe not...
Picked up An A-Z of Type Designers at a local book store on a whim. Flipping through it reminded me of that old sage advice, "it's not what you say but how you say it". I used to think that just meant word choice. Later I realized tone, pace and inflection carry the message. They are the package which delivers the words you choose. For the written word the type takes on that role. I find that fascinating.


Devon Willis said...

Hi Nicole! I wasn't sure if you read Lani's blog on the Bullseye website but I think based on this entry you would be interested in this post:

Nicole V Lozano said...

Thanks for the tip Devon. I had not seen that post and I'm so glad you pointed it out. Absolutely amazing work Kim did. I love it!