Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Right Under Your Feet

How many people do you think walk down this path and never even notice the color, character and  texture right under there feet? Too busy to notice or maybe they just don't care. We miss out when we lose sight of the details around us. It's just the dirty old street anyway right?


Jama said...

I love looking at the intricate pattern of the pathways we have here!

Anonymous said...

Simple and effective!

Sher said...

We have a couple of brick streets where I live and I think they are so cool.

I always notice these things because I'm a camera nut and I like to observe because I can make a Kodak moment out of about anything!

Great post!

Amanda said...

I love the idea of noticing everyday beauty. I try to... but sometimes the daily grind makes me forget. Thanks for the reminder!