Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer and Fall Fusing Workshops

Saturday was a full day of fun  facilitating a workshop of Essentials Fusing I students  as they created dicroic glass pendents and tack fused works of glass art at Wired Designs Studio. Spending the day with so may eager minds, I thought it would be good to share possible next steps for those of you who have had a taste of kilnfomed glass and want more. Here are a list of workshops I am scheduled to teach at Wired Designs Studio in August,September, October and November.
 Functional Plates, Platters and Bowls 
August 20 & 21
November 26 & 27
Students will begin by designing and creating their own flat glass tiles. In doing so they will learn about volume control,  firing schedules and how to cut glass circles. Students will cold work their tiles using the sandblaster, wet belt sanders. Lapidary grinding wheels and diamond pads. We will address mold selection and preparation in order to slump the finished tiles and beautiful one of a kind function plates, platters and bowls.
Pattern Bars 
August 27-28, 2011 
Learn how to apply this ancient concept to your modern day kiln formed work. We will explore a variety of possibilities to create designs that range from structured  and  geometric to organic and  tribal. You will  learn how to create, cut and lay out patters for use is future fused projects ranging from functional plates  to modern day jewelery.
 The Power of Powders 
September 17-18, 2011 
Learn to create imagery, depth, and drama in your work by incorporating exciting powder techniques. Students will create powder wafers, explore crackled powder techniques, uses positive and negative space to create custom designs and incorporate imagery into their fused glass projects. This specialty class will show you the true power that adding powder can have!
 Glass Casting 
September 24-25, 2011 
October 15-16, 2011 
Sculpt in clay; learn about mold making materials and techniques to create refractory molds; and how to measure, cut and cast glass billet for your specific mold. We will discuss the special considerations that go into a casting firing schedule, including how to heat, cool and anneal thick and uneven thicknesses of glass. Students will sculpt and cast their work in glass.
Liquid Glass 
October 29-30, 2011 
Explore Creating pot melts, Screen melts, high fires boiling and hot coming glass in the kiln. Come prepared to experiment and take home a wide variety of components that can be used in future work. A great way to take your scrape glass and turn it into interesting effects which can be used to create one of the kind windows in your functional and art glass work.
See something that interests you? Contact the ladies over at Wired Designs Studio at  (210) 495-4495 to sign up today. Space is limited.

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