Thursday, August 11, 2011

Calligraph Exchange

This evening was the San Antonio Calligraphy Guild's Annual Exchange. Members and local art suppliers come to sell or exchange items of interest to calligraphers, art journalist and bookbinders. I only meant to pop in a few minutes. By the time I left my arms were full with little goodies like nibs, stamps, ink samples and an assortment of straight edge handles all for less then today's lunch. The real treasures were some of the great books I picked up. A used copy of Lettering Arts by Joanne Fink and Judy Kastin is going more for online then I paid for the enter lot. I am particularly excited about the copy of The Mystic Art of Written Forms by Fredrick Neugebauer sitting on the top of the stack above.

Thank you to Asel Art Supply and Herweck's who came with supply's at discounted prices for SACG members. I left with paper, ink and nifty tools. Thank you.

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Sarah said...

What a cool idea. I'd love to be part of swaps for other types of art supplies. Found you via the EBT. :)