Monday, August 22, 2011

Vitrigraph Twisted Cane

Bucket full of twisted vitrigraph cane
kiln reaching 1786 degrees Fahrenheit
Because Texas isn't hot enough already, might as well crank up that kiln full and start pulling some vitrigraph. Sam and I set up my little Olympic Hot Box kiln  to pull some pretty sweet black, white and coral wig wag (twisted back and forth) cane. Granted sitting on a step ladder is not the most ergonomic choice but it got the job done.  Now what is to be done with this cane? Thought I might use some in a glass weave I've started.
For more information about vitrigraph:
- Consider a skill building workshop at Wired Designs Studio, vitrigraph is  scheduled for October 6th

1 comment:

Nina "Sam" Hibler said...

It was a hot day but we pulled some awesome cane. Can't wait to do it again. Well maybe when it's only 90 not 109