Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great Resources

I thought you might find it enjoyable or helpful to peruse some of the resources I refer back to time and again for information and inspiration when working with glass.
Contemporary Warm Glass by Brad Walker
Read it once cover to cover then keep it handy because it’s a great resource to refer back to. You may also want to check out the inforamtion available at

Fused Glass Art and Technique by Richard La Londe
This is a lovely book full of information on everything from history to technique. It is absolutely amazing the amount of information Richard La Londe shares in this book and it’s all done beautifully.
Kiln Firing Glass - Glass Fusing Book One
by Boyce Lundstrom
Lettering on glass by Charmian Mocatta
Not a fusing book at all but great information regarding etching, sandblasting and beveling. Check out pages 44 and 45 to see one of my favorite artists Denise Brown an absolutely fabulous calligrapher who has taken to working on glass.

Color a Natural History of the Palette by Victoria Finlay
Is an ideal book for painters who want to better understand color and its’ deep history but a fascinating read for any artist.

The Complete Color Harmony
by Tina Sutton and Bride M. Whelan
This is a great tool to assist with color selection for any project from painting the house to a specific piece of art.

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