Monday, July 7, 2008

Time to put my feet up

If I am absent for a few days... maybe a couple of weeks, it is only because I am taking some necessary time to take care of myselft, rest and recupperate. I'll be back soon enough so don't stray to far.


Charlie said...

Hi Niclole,
I am giving you this Brillante Weblog Award. Please come by and pick it up at my blog. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Umā said...

hi nicole, hope you're feeling ok.
i passed along a "brillante blog award" to you today on secret notebooks. while you're resting, think of 7 blogs to pass the award along to!


Nicole V Lozano said...

Thank you so much Charlie and M heart!! I am honored. I'll have to give this a bit of thought but will make it a point to repond in one of my first posts back. I won't be too long I promise. I'll starting to feel a bit better but and not yet ready of to much time at the pc just yet... soon through