Sunday, July 6, 2008


We all have things we are attracted to. Patters or colors we keep coming back to. Objects we like to collect. For me that list includes leaves, bridges and postcards. When it comes to postcards I love to collect them on my travels. I send them to friends and family even myself. I love everything about them; the cards themselves vintage or new, the idea of written communication traveling across the miles, the postage and postmarks… all of it. So you can imagine my response when I came across Although I have only participated a short time I have really enjoyed my experience. For starters I love getting something other then just bills in my mailbox. Here included are a couple of my favorites.

Here is one of my favorite postcard tips. When traveling purchase a postcard each day of somewhere you visited. Take a couple of moments to write a little something about the day. Then mail it to yourself. In most cases hotels will carry the postage and are glad to drop them in their outgoing mail for you. When you arrive home the postcards will start to trickle in if they haven’t already beaten you back. You will be able to relive your trip. In addition, you just very efficiently documented your trip with pictures, text and postage all about the places who visited.



Shaunna said...

Hi Nicole!
I am glad you like the card I sent you! I love trying to fit the card to the person. If you would like, you can come see my blog (LOTS of cards), it should be updated after I am done moving. :)
All the best, and have a wonderful day. :)

julochka said...

love that idea!!!! i'll definitely try it the next time i'm out traveling.